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Peter Turley god of the word

Peter Turley

Peter Turley is a writer, editor, podcaster, education, and training professional and academic from the North West of England, UK. His love for the written word began with reading and writing fantasy fiction before moving into the world of non-fiction writing self-improvement articles back in 2010.

In 2018 Peter graduated with an Honours degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and progressed onto an MA in Creative Writing, graduating in 2019.

Although an experienced editor of fiction, over the course of his studies his lifelong fondness for poetry grew into his preferred medium driven by his desire for linguistic clarity and self-expression.

In late 2018, he was honoured to represent his university in reading a collaborated piece at the London Camarade event which was subsequently published in the Leeds Human Rights Journal exploring the theme ‘Borders’.

In 2020 Peter was accepted onto a Doctorate programme and will commence his PhD in Creative Writing in January 2021.

When he’s not busy working in education and training, reading, writing, editing and studying, you can find him…well, those pursuits pretty much take up all of his time, but you can find him here at the Book Editor Show.

Clark Chamberlain is a true son of the west. Born in northern Idaho during the nation’s bicentennial, he has always been a man on the move, living in ten states, three countries, and on two continents.

He’s built houses, been homeless, gone to war, and hosted a weekly film critic segment on ABC.

Even though Clark is privileged to work with New York Times Bestselling authors, edit hundreds of books, and teach thousands of writers the emotional impact of fiction, he still considers himself a student of story.

His passion for the study of story drives him forward to explore and share his discoveries by creating easy-to-understand lessons and working one-on-one with authors of all levels.

He is the creator of multiple creative writing courses, author of five books, believer of dreams, and once tore his cooler from the mouth of a bear.

Clark Chamberlain author

Clark Chamberlain


Leslie Watts is an editor, author, blogger, and podcaster.

She’s been writing for as long as she can remember: a magazine about cats in sixth grade, staff writer for her college newspaper, editor in chief of her law journal, and journaling while writing for an appellate judge.

When the dust settled after her children were born, she launched Writership with her writer pal.

She lives in Austin, Texas with two rambunctious kids and her patient husband.

Mackenzie Hendricks graduated from Brigham Young University–Idaho with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has experience writing and editing a variety of content.

Currently, she works as an editor in Boise, Idaho. 

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Mackenzie Hendricks


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