7 Tips to Boost your Creativity

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We all have creative slumps, but there are plenty of ways to boost your creativity. Looking out into the week ahead can be an overwhelming feeling; almost as overwhelming as the dreaded blank page! It can feel like all hope for a creative week is well and truly lost. As a writer or editor, it’s crucial that you have a vast toolkit that you can rummage through to help you blast through any problem that you face with ease.


Fortunately, creativity is like a muscle and the more you use these tools and techniques, the more creative you will become. So what can we do to strengthen this skill and leap over those creative slumps?


Keep a journal

We’ve talked about this a lot on The Book Editor Show, but if you’ve missed us talking about all the great benefits of journaling, you can find the podcast here and an article here.


People watching

Other people can provide great inspiration. Just sitting down and watching the world move around you is a surefire way to get the creativity bubbling beneath the surface. Not only does it provide inspiration, it strengthens your awareness. Becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings can do wonders for your creativity!


Write it down NOW!

I’m terrible for forgetting things. I regularly have an idea and tell myself that I’ll write it down later. I’ve learned the hard way the importance of recording that idea or thought immediately. After all, it only takes ten seconds to whip your phone or journal out and make a quick scribble! By doing this, your mind will become habituated to searching for ideas and connections.


Do something mindless

You know that huge pile of dishes that’s been sat there since last night? It’s time to get stuck in! These kinds of tasks occupy us just enough to keep us alert and focused, but leave plenty of room for ideas to come pouring in! Hate the dishes? Mow the lawn, fold the laundry, anything! Give it a try! Not only can it help your creativity, you’ll be left with a tidy home to boot!


Try something new

Make this a week for a new experience. Schedule that piano lesson or dancing class you’ve always wanted to do. Sure, there might be a hundred reasons why you could NOT do it. But it’s time to stop making excuses. Doing something new is an amazing way to light that fire inside! It could even give you something to write about!


Listen to music

Music can lift our spirits and take us on an emotional rollercoaster; our mind can travel far away! It’s these very journeys can that fill up that creative well all the way to the top! Stuck for ideas? Try a movie soundtrack, or something classical. Listen to something you’ve never listened to before.


Just write anyway

Hopefully these tips have given you plenty to work with this week, but out of them all, this one is the most precious skill to strive for. If you’re stuck in that creative slump and not sure where to go, just sit down and write anyway! Write regardless of how you feel. If you’re really blocked, you could try freewriting, but practicing the ability to just sit down and write will repay you tenfold in the future.


Have a fantastic week and as always, keep writing, keep learning and build a better book!


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Peter Turley

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Peter Turley is a writer, editor, podcaster, education, and training professional and academic from the North West of England, UK.

His love for the written word began with reading and writing fantasy fiction before moving into the world of non-fiction writing self-improvement articles back in 2010.

In 2018 Peter graduated with an Honours degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and progressed onto an MA in Creative Writing, graduating in 2019.

Although an experienced editor of fiction, over the course of his studies his lifelong fondness for poetry grew into his preferred medium driven by his desire for linguistic clarity and self-expression.

In late 2018, he was honoured to represent his university in reading a collaborated piece at the London Camarade event which was subsequently published in the Leeds Human Rights Journal exploring the theme ‘Borders’.

In 2020 Peter was accepted onto a Doctorate programme and will commence his PhD in Creative Writing in January 2021.

When he’s not busy working in education and training, reading, writing, editing and studying, you can find him…well, those pursuits pretty much take up all of his time, but you can find him here at the Book Editor Show.

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