Have you finished your fantasy manuscript or maybe you’ve finally decided to write your space odyssey for NaNoWriMo or you want to put the final touches on your present day story that takes place in the strange land of Idaho whichever the case these tools will help you sort through your world building. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you three exercises that will help you edit your world building masterpiece in ways you hadn’t thought of before. Writership’s Leslie Watts created these exercises for part of the World Building Bible Journal. Take a vacation with the Orcs or witness the secular founding of your world’s first civilization these exercises keep you thinking and re-framing what is important for the reader or author to know. http://bit.ly/2f0GvXi Clark and Peter are testing their membership site and need some help. The first 50 friends of the Book Editor Show will get Clark’s premier course on writing, a $99 value, FREE! Just give feedback on what is and isn’t working