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Editing Your Subplot or B Story

As we continue our exploration of plot we examine the Subplot also called the B Story. We look at the importance of subplot and give examples from books that aren't Harry Potter! We also share an easy method to check if your subplot actually matters and how to fix it...

Plot versus Story Structure

Episode ResourcesShow Notes If you want to writer faster, gain readers, and crush doubt check out Ironclad Outline, the original and still the best outline process. Today you can make Ironclad Outline part of your process for only $150 visit here.Transcript CLARK:...

Of Struggle the Return and Onward

Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley are back discussing what it’s like to live in a car for a year, returning to school, and where the show will be going next.

Editing Your Life Story and Negative Self Talk

What could you do if you eliminated your negative self talk? How much more could you write and publish if you weren't being held back by limiting beliefs? Editing story isn't limited to the words on a page, you have the power to edit your life story. When you edit...

Choosing the Right Point of View

How to choose the right point of view for your story. POV is the ultimate storyteller, and an expert storyteller will choose which parts to emphasis or even leave out depending on both the audience and the story being told.From Clark Chamberlain's breakout course...

How to Edit 1st Act with Thor Ragnarok

Episode ResourcesShow NotesTranscript I'm Clark Chamberlain, and today we have a special episode for you looking at the first act of Thor Ragnarok. What's working in here? Why does it engage so well?But first, let me ask you a question. Are you an outliner? How would...

Special Edition Why Does Wonder Woman Act 1 Work

Episode ResourcesShow NotesTranscript Welcome to the book at her show, Special Edition Story Opening's so glad to have you here. Don't forget that during the month of September, you can still take advantage of our very special introductory offer of iron clad, ironclad...

Developmental Editing What It Is And Why You Need It

Welcome to the Book Editor Show, today I’ll be talking about developmental editing, what is and why you need it.

Collaboration and Editing in a Storyverse

Fiction Vortex's David Mark Brown and Michael C Cluff join Clark Chamberlain to discuss their writing collaboration and what it's like to edit in a storyverse. [00:00:01.630] Are you ready to take your writing to the next level then? Welcome to the book. Ed Show...

Get Published in 2017

Episode ResourcesShow NotesTranscript Welcome to the Book Editors Show. Today we're going to help you accomplish your goal of getting published in 2017.And if you are ready to move forward with your professional editing, stop by the book editors dot com. We can help...

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