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Learn how to write a story that will suck your readers in and get them to share your work with friends, family, and co-workers.

Story is the most powerful force in the world, but so few people even understand what it is or how it works.

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In Punch them in the Gut you will learn:

  • The power of story and how it continues to shape our world.

  • The brain's need for story and how to keep rewarding your reader.

  • What a story is and the parts that must be included to keep a reader turning the page.

  • How to tailor a story for instant emotional engagement with your reader.

  • The three scenes in each story that must be solid and how to build them.

  • How to create an emotional impact that will get your reader to share your work instantly.

  • How to intensify your story with believable outer problems.

  • How you can change the world with your writing.

  • And much, much more!!

Who is Clark Chamberlain?
I am a professional editor and author. I have worked in multiple genres with authors at all levels from novice to NYT Bestsellers.

Story is my passion and I want to share it with you. I will help you transform your manuscript into a novel that will engage readers and be commercially viable. My insight and expertise of storytelling and the psychology of why we read has allowed me to assist authors of all levels to improve their craft. From students to clients I give everything I have to make the passion in the story stand out and connect with the reader.
This course represents 100's of hours of research in writing and psychology boiled down to the core level of understanding so you can take what you learn and put it right to work.

The course includes eight modules, designed to build a foundation of the psychology of reading first. As you move forward in the course, you will learn how to structure and write your story to tap into the reader's deep emotions.

Punch them in the Gut also includes worksheets that will help you identify reader's emotions, protagonist's emotions, tools to increase tension, and more.
Enjoy this sample lesson on reader engagement: 
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What others are saying:

"Clark Chamberlain KNOWS story and in Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact he PROVES it, with lessons that bore to the core of story and tell you exactly how to reach into a reader’s heart so that they want to tear through your book and get to the next one."
Sean Platt

"Great course! Gives a lot of information on how to connect with readers on an emotional level. I liked the instructor's enthusiasm for writing and how he used personal life events to illustrate the points he made in the course. The PDF handouts are very helpful, I will definitely be using them over and over."
Michelle Miller

"Very inspiring. What I like about this course is that it goes beyond the content and into the depth of story-telling. It answers the why questions along with the what questions. Now, I feel confident that I can connect with my audience."
Heather Martin

“Punch Them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact is a "must-have" for any writer.
Clark Chamberlain presents an outstanding course in what is "left unsaid" in so many "how to write" lectures. Let me say it this way, suppose you order a "super-deluxe, fully-loaded" cheeseburger, i.e a writing course. When it arrives, you have the bun, a piece of charred meat, and a slab of cheese (idea, character and plot) the basics of any cheeseburger. Dumbfounded, you ask, "Where's the rest?"
Put simply, Mr. Chamberlain's "Punch Them In the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact" is what's missing from your "super-deluxe, fully-loaded" cheeseburger that you wanted.
It is the layer upon layer of missing condiments and veggies (conflict, flaws, passion, gut-wrenching emotion) that will have your reader reaching to turn - or swipe- the page before even realizing he's done so!”
This course takes your writing from a "plain Jane" cheeseburger to "super-deluxe, fully-loaded", requiring the use both hands to hold it. And, as the first bite bursts with a myriad flavor, you yearn to take another before you've even swallowed!
“So, if you want to learn how to engage your reader and set the hook, but good, I highly encourage you to enroll in Punch Them In the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact now!”
“Mr. Chamberlain was extremely knowledgeable and very articulate. He related his knowledge on writing in a very easy to follow manner and was very relaxed in his delivery. I could really use his expertise in writing dialogue and some formal tutoring on narrative would be awesome. You can never learn too much from someone who's already been there, done that successfully. Thank you Mr. Chamberlain.”
“This course is refreshing and not sugar coated. Clark explains exactly what needs to happen in a book to make it great. Things clicked for me that I've heard a million times but just did not grasp. I wish it were longer and I look forward to applying these things to my future work.”
“This course was informative and definitive. So important for writers to understand these concepts. Thanks for sharing from your personal life. It's all so believable.”
“I have encountered some of these questions about target audiences, the nature of inner and outer problems, etc., but I have never encountered them connected to such excellent lectures. Yes, as a writer, I know that I KNEW a lot of this stuff, but now it's organized in my brain and I am excited to put what I've learned into practice. I took a course on Udemy on plotting, and this course expended and deepened what I'd learned before. Thanks so much. I will probably come back several times to review some of the salient points - what am I saying? I'll be back a lot!”
“This was a very informative learning experience. The instructor is very clear and concise I came away with a lot of new information that I will be applying in my writing thank you Clark!!!”
“Storycraft taught by a publisher has to be good... and it is. Engaging and valuable course.”
“Really appreciate the solid, useful insights the instructor shared in this course as well as his clear-cut, engaging delivery (pleasant, authentic, never over-the-top or hyped). There is a LOT of "meat" here and very little fluff, and I've found the course material very useful in defining my target audience, fleshing out my primary protagonist, and reconnecting with the emotional levers that made me want to tell my fictional story in the first place. The worksheets were detailed, well-organized, and practical. Thumbs up, and a sincere thank you for this course... Highly recommended.”
“I really enjoyed the way the subject matter was put together. It was very easy to grasp and understand, and I feel better equipped to write stories that will touch readers, after taking it. I'm sure I'll go back, several times, to refresh my memory and understanding, and I will definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to connect emotionally with their readers. Totally worth the money.”
“The feel of this is like a conversation between a couple writers over coffee where one is sharing an insight or turning point for themselves and how they revised their approach into a nutshell. The course doesn't get into the mechanics of writing so much as it gives the big picture. If you're new to writing, it provides a really good, manageable checklist of some universally accepted points of how to make a story work. If you're an experienced writer, we're often (always) looking for that nugget that will kick us into overdrive, and this may have it. The course can also be used to measure one's work in progress to make improvements and make sure it's hitting the marks. It's sensible and broad enough to allow each writer to hear the info and relate it to whichever audience for whom they're writing.”
“I've taken a lot of the writing classes and they are all okay, motivational if nothing more. But Clark goes a step further and really gives you some meat to work with! Lectures are clear and easily understandable. Great worksheets to get your characters and story to come to life.”
“Truly an amazing course. I've taken almost every writing course offered on Udemy and, after finishing this one, I can say this is, by far, the best. Clark Chamberlain has tremendous passion for the power of story, and that passion comes through in each of his lectures. In taking this class, I've come to realize that the novel I've been working on isn't about the overall plot; it's about the people that inhabit the world I've created. Clark's passion for story has changed the way I think about my own work. My finished book will be much stronger and more impactful because of this course.”
“Truly, this training is motivating, inspiring and professional. A must-have for all fiction authors.”
“I have taken a few courses on writing, but this presented the material in a fresh way. Easy to comprehend, divided into manageable chunks. Clear and concise. The way it was presented seemed strange at first, but soon got into it I felt this was a very organic way to learn Good quality. Clark knows his stuff!”
“I really enjoyed this course. This instructor knows his stuff, but what I liked best about the course was his passion for changing the world with our writing. He was clear and easy to listen to and he was inspiring. As far as nuts and bolts go--learning the technique of writing books that will punch readers in the gut and change them--be sure to download the worksheets. The first time I took the course, I must have only been listening with half an ear, because I missed the worksheets completely. They are VITAL. So be sure to download them. They are the templates that you will use to plan novels and characters that will move your readers and leave them changed.”
“This course is great! I've applied some of the principles when creating content in my Facebook group, and people really responded better! I'm working on several stories now. This course has helped me avoid making my stories too bland. Really good stuff.”
“Just as it promised, I feel this course has given me the tools to really understand what makes a story powerful and memorable. Without being at all 'dry' or patronizing, Clark is able to guide you through the process of structuring your story and what pitfalls to avoid. He is a very engaging instructor who thoroughly understands his craft. I also liked the fact that the course is broken up into bite sized modules that can be easily fitted into a hectic day, with the bonus of extremely helpful accompanying worksheets. I especially like that Clark doesn't just lecture at you, but instead causes you to think deeply about the craft of writing.”
“This course didn't make me yawn a few minutes into it, it was very engaging. I must confess I never took any writing course, English is my second language and when I started writing my fantasy series, I didn't have a clue how to write an engaging story. I had butterflies in my stomach when I started watching the course, because I always had doubts and a nervous feeling about my "amateur writing" among trained and well-educated authors. I kept making mental notes as I progressed with the lecture, "I did that" and "my goodness, I did that too" Clark made my day by showing me that although I wrote my novels by following my instincts, I did a very good job.”
“This course provides an excellent, easily-consumed guide to shaping your fiction writing. Its most important advice is to UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE and their life experiences. Once you know your readers (and this course provides excellent advice and valuable tools for you to do just that), you'll be in a position to shape your story-line and your characters in ways that reflect the interests and needs of your audience. That leads to engagement, and to sharing, and thence to sales and enthusiastic fans. And isn't that what we writers are all about?”
“This course has been extremely helpful. Sometimes as a writer, I get consumed with my story and my characters, and it all becomes a very private thing. This course helped to remind me that it is all about what the reader wants, and this is what I need to keep in mind if I want to become a better writer, and write better books. The modules and lectures are set out in a clear and professional way. The production quality was excellent. I was able to dip in and out of the course over a three-day period, taking notes as I went along. I enjoyed it immensely. It has given me a lot to think about, particularly with the current book I am writing. I think this course would prove hugely helpful to any writers who are new to writing, and equally to those who have been writing for some time. I definitely feel more inspired and feel I now have more tools with which to attack my story, keeping what the reader wants in mind.”

"I set out to learn how to sell more books, but I found so much more. This research has changed not only how I write stories but how I view the world. It has changed my life. As authors, we represent the one sure fire way of changing people's lives. Why? Because it is only in a story that a person can experience deep empathy and truly see the world through a new set of eyes. I'm excited to share this with you." 

-Clark Chamberlain

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